Submitted by: Grameen Surya Bijlee Foundation
Implemented country: India
Title: Dignity Through Electricity in Rural India

Grameen Surya Bijlee Foundation, a non-profit organization, has taken on the challenge posed by the problems of unavailability of electrical lighting energy for more than 70 million off-grid rural households in India. GSBF believes that immediate availability of Solar LED based lighting at a very low and cost effective price will help improve the dignity of the rural poor. This is because lighting availability will encourage children to study and let the adult members pursue some income-generating vocation in the hours of the evening and night, which previously were spent in darkness. GSBF has focused on two harbinger technologies: white light emitting diodes (LEDs) and thin film solar (amorphous silicon) panels to create a low energy, low cost and reliable solution to the rural lighting problem. The integrated program of the project constitutes R&D and installation of renewable energy based lighting systems in remote villages to bring social and environmental sustainability. In addition, the program seeks to provide eco-friendly home lighting systems as substitutes for existing grid-connected conventional lamps in 300 million households in India that have intermittent electrical supply.

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