Submitted by: Centro Ricerche Fiat S.C.p.A
Implemented country: Italy
Title: Highly Efficient Community of Polycity

The Polycity project in Torino, coordinated by the Fiat Research Center, targets the development of a high-efficiency community in Arquata, a social services housing district with 87,000 m3 and 2500 inhabitants. The expected environmental impact is a reduction of primary energy consumption by about 9700 MWh/year (43%) and CO2 reduction of more than 2000 tons/year (46%). Measures to reach that target are thermal insulation and low emitting glazing for the 30 council buildings and for commercial building, solar shading systems and high-efficiency lighting, PV modules on council and commercial buildings, district heating supplied by gas fired co-generation that covers the bulk of the energy demand. Excess electricity produced will be provided to public grid. An Integrated Energy Manager will manage the entire Arquata district through the local integration of supply and demand. The installation of more than 1800 energy telemeters (electrical, thermal, water) is foreseen. The project started in May 2005 and will last 5 years. Presently all the measures and the function of the Integrated Energy Manager have been specified. The dwellings have been connected to the district heating network and high efficiency lighting has been installed in common spaces. By the end of 2007 all the measures will be implemented, and in 2008 an analyses will be conducted.

Category: Fire