World Energy Globe Award

Submitted by: Peabody Energy & Peabody Winsway Resources LLC (Peabody)
Implemented country: United States
Title: A comprehensive program to restore sustainable land use and protect cultural and traditional values at the Black Mesa and Kayenta Mines

For 35 years Peabody Energy has been operating the 100 square mile big Black Mesa and the Kayenta Mine on the Navajo and Hopi Indian Reservations in Arizona. The utilization of the mines takes place in close cooperation with the population of the territory. A system was created, which reaches far beyond the normal mining process and concentrates on the future use of the land after the mines have been closed. The unique operations and business partnership with the tribes have generated additional significant socio-economic benefits. The tribes have benefited economically from the infrastructures created through the mines run by Peabody Energy. Special attention is given to indigenous plants, insuring that they are re-cultivated and, through the successful cooperation with the environmental office it is possible to return the land in even a better condition than before. To enable a long-term and sustainable use of the re-cultivated land, cultivation concepts have been created together with the local population. During all phases of the operation, Peabody stresses cultural preservation and the protection of Native American cultural and traditional values. This is reflected by the fact, that after 35 years of mining the population of Native Americans has been increased significantly. The success of Peabody’s comprehensive program has been underscored by the seven major national and international environmental and ecological awards it has received since 1996.

Category: Earth