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Submitted by: Anil Kane
Implemented country: India
Title: Tidal Power Plant with Many Fringe Benefits

This project proposes to close the gulf of Khambhat in Gujarat, India, to create the country's largest artificial fresh-water lake and to generate about 5800 MW of hydro-electric power using the big difference between the levels of high tide and low tide. This proposal combines two successfully operating projects: Ijsselmeer project at the Netherlands and a tidal power plant of EDF at La Rance, France (for water and power, respectively). In addition, the project enables reclamation of 400,000 hectors of saline land, opens potential fresh-water fisheries, reduces the distance between Saurashtra and mainland by 280 km by road and rail, and opens development of all-weather international ports. All these benefits are possible without any dispute between neighboring states, submerging an inch of land, migrating and then rehabilitating the people, danger of earthquakes, any negative impact on the environment, fuel for generating power, or any international problems. A feasibility report by Haskoning Consulting Engineers and Architects of the Netherlands has established the techno-economic viability of the project.

Category: Earth