Submitted by: INTELARC
Implemented country: Brazil
Title: Dematerialised Air Conditioning System for Rio de Janeiro

The Flying Circus is a famous stage in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The main pavilion can hold up to 1400 people and is equipped with professional stage lighting systems, both of which cause a high thermal load. High external temperatures and a semi-open pavilion created a very challenging situation for any air conditioning system. Comfortable temperatures for the audience under varying conditions had to be achieved. The solution was a dematerialised low-cost air conditioning system based on an integrated bio-climatic approach. The installation of this system enables an economy of at least 96% compared to conventional air conditioning systems. The energy consumption is around 90% lower than for conventional systems. No CFC, which is still allowed in Brazil, is used. Zero CO2-emissions are achieved when solar-driven (optional).

Category: Fire