Submitted by: ACE Tower Co Ltd
Implemented country: China
Title: Motorwave: Energy of the Sea for Power Generation and Desalination

The object of this project is to finish the development of a new technology based on a device called Motorwave by building a full-scale real model. We have selected an island that has only diesel generation as a source of energy and has to import fresh water. We intend to build the Motorwave on the island with the help of the local people and install the device at sea. Then we want to test two different ways of generating electricity: 1) a direct generator set on the Motorwave 2) a reservoir at about 50 m above sea level using Motorwave energy to pump water into the reservoir to create the first sea water hydroelectric plant Next we will test grid distribution to every house. We also plan to build a small desalinization plant to test the feasibility of using Motorwave for this purpose.

Category: Fire