Submitted by: Anton Hulek
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Treatment and Recycling of Furnace Slag

The innovative SRS facility collects the intermittently and very irregularly occurring liquid blast furnace slag directly at the furnace and converts it to a steady flow for use in a dry cooling plant. Dry cooling takes place in an environmentally compatible way without emissions, water pollution, warming of the earth’s atmosphere or noise pollution. The enormous thermal capacity of the slag at very high temperature (1450°C) can be recovered and used for energy production. The dry-cooled furnace slag is perfectly suitable for the processing to cement. Worldwide there are more than 600 blast furnaces. The complete crude iron production amounts 786 million tons per day. Daily slag production is 718,000 tons. At VAS in Linz (Austria) this results in 1370 MWh per day.

Category: Fire