Submitted by: Jugend-Umwelt-Netzwerk der Katholischen Jugend Österreich
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Youth Environment Network

The Jugend-Umwelt-Netzwerk (JUNE, Youth Environment Network) offers the following three possibilities for young adults between 18 and 27: Youth Environment Days (JUTA), Voluntary Environmental Year (FÖJ), and Youth Environmental Projects (JUP). Through the FÖJ young adults have the possibility to work in the environmental and sustainability field to gain experiences in practice and afterwards using the FÖJ as a year of orientation. During the JUTA they can learn about nature and the environment, society, economy and politics and they can realize their ideas in the field of sustainability through the JUP. All three offers expand horizons, employ intensive teamwork, and build a network young people and the organizations working on environmental projects.

Category: Youth