Submitted by: Agrotechnology & Food Science Group
Implemented country: Netherlands
Title: Non-Thermal Production of Pure Hydrogen from Biomass

Hyvolution is aimed at the development of a bioprocess for hydrogen production from locally produced biomass. Hyvolution contributes a complementary strategy to fulfill the increased demand for renewable hydrogen expected in the transition to the Hydrogen Economy. The Hyvolution approach is based on a combined bioprocess employing thermophilic and phototrophic bacteria to provide the highest hydrogen production efficiently in small-scale, cost-effective industries. The process starts with the conversion of biomass to make a suitable feedstock for the bioprocess. The subsequent bioprocess is optimized in terms of yield and rate of hydrogen production by integrating fundamental and technological approaches. Dedicated gas upgrading is developed for efficiency in small-scale production units. System integration is aimed at cost reduction by combining mass and energy balances. The impact of small-scale hydrogen production plants is documented in socio-economic analyses.

Category: Air