Submitted by: Ingenieurbüro Pfalz
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Injector for Fuel Expander Saves Energy or Increases Power

The injector for fuel expanders is a concept for above-average fuel saving or for a correspondingly high gain of power. This is achieved by injecting a gaseous or liquid, high-quality mixture or distilled water into the igniting fuel. Vaporization and partly splitting of water into hydrogen and oxygen induces afterburning and vaporization. Pressure on the piston is preserved/increased in the process. Therefore fuel remnants are burned as well and converted for power, which clearly decreases emissions. The injector for fuel expanders is not externally controlled and does not have its own drive, but adapts automatically to the engine’s performance and injects directly after the ignition of the fuel mixture. This system is suitable for all combustion engines. This can either save about 35% or fuel or increase the power output by approximately 22%.

Category: Fire