Submitted by: Jenni Energietechnik AG
Implemented country: Switzerland
Title: Completely Solar Heated Multifamily Residence with Seasonal Heat Storage

In Oberburg (Switzerland) the first fully solar heated multifamily residence in Europe is being built. With an additional heat storage system, eight apartments can be leased at normal prices without extra heating costs. For autumn 2005 to 2006, implementation is planned of an enormous solar heating system with 276 m² collector surface, seasonal heat storage with 205,000 liters of water, well-insulated windows for passive solar energy use, and optimal heat insulation. The main objective was to provide pleasant temperatures and enough hot water for the whole year. The most important part of the whole system is its heat storage, which reaches the height of the building itself and enables the storage of excess warmth from summer for wintertime. Another object was to show alternatives to decreasing and expensive fossil resources as well as to help the solar power to boom.

Category: Fire