Submitted by: Dirk Besier
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Solar Steamer Provides High Efficiency and Modular Construction

The project is about the production and marketing of solar thermal plants with compact and modular high temperature collectors for electric power generation. Parabolic mirrors concentrate the solar radiation and increase the energy density. Absorber pipes can reach high temperatures, and the highly effective insulation minimizes thermal losses. As a consequence the warmth can be used at a high temperature level and a steam circuit with a high efficiency factor can be run. By modular construction of the solar collectors, they can be built in series production. Low costs, high efficiency factor and a high annual degree of efficiency of utilization of electricity and warmth promise high overall efficiency for the solar branch. The solar modules can be used for installation on roofs and walls. The enticement to develop as much space as possible will be quite big for operators of small power plants if solar electricity can be sold profitably. In cooperation with a recently founded company in Switzerland, the development and commercialization of small solar power plants is being undertaken.

Category: Fire