Submitted by: Gundula König
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Sustainable Tourism through Solar Power in Carynthia (Austria)

In cooperation with regional companies, the hotel and guesthouse Dalnig (Carynthia, Austria) has developed a unique heating system for outdoor swimming pools. In fact, they have renovated the whole energy system in order to save the environment, to reduce energy consumption and to increase tourism. October 2005 to June 2006 the oil heating system was replaced in favor of renewable energy. The 30 m² solar panel was optimized and expanded to cover the natural pond. The efficiency of solar power over the year is enough to warm the pond to an average of 25°C. From April to September, the energy from the solar panel is used for heating the pond. The excessive power is directed to hot water and heating systems, especially in the remaining months. A control unit is monitoring all procedures and attaining maximum energy efficiency from solar power. As a consequence of the longer swimming period for tourists and the connection to local district heating, the economical aspect in the region is improved as well.

Category: Water