World Energy Globe Award

Submitted by: Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak (Sulabh International social service organisation)
Implemented country: India
Title: Public toilet assistance for biogas plant

To prevent environmental pollution, the Sulabh Sanitation Movement has developed a simple and efficient method for the production of biological gas from the human waste in public toilets, which can be utilized for different purposes like cooking, lighting, generating electricity and heating. But not only that, through a simple technology called Sulabh Effluent Treatment (SET) the wastewater is made odorless, colorless, pathogen-free and therefore is nonpolluting when released into the environment. The solid remains of biogas production, which contains a good percentage of nitrogen, potassium, phosphate and other plant nutrients, can be used for agriculture and horticulture. In many parts of India the liquid toilet effluents flow directly and untreated into rivers or seep into the groundwater. The whole system has helped to improve the environment, community health, and as in the reduction of illnesses and mortality rates in the project areas. In Shirdi in Maharashtra, Sulabh has constructed the largest public toilet with biological gas production in the world. Up to thirty thousand people can use the toilet complex per day. The project contributes to a sustainable energy supply using renewable energy source as well as to immensely contributing to the improvement of the hygienic situation.

Category: Water