Submitted by: Solar4You
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Sustainability Meets State Of The Art in Austrian Building

SOL4 is a good example of sustainable building, working and living. It illustrates an office and seminar center as well as a competence center for ecological planning, building and working in the future. Innovative achievements of the project include highest possible ecological and energetic standards in an office building; blank brick (adobe) for inner walls; cement-free concrete for the structure; extensive photovoltaic plant integrated into façade; wooden straw-insulated and light components; mineral-foam panels for facades; 100% review and analysis of all building materials and chemicals; innovative habitat concept with recreation areas; availability of consistent life-cycle plant for all relevant effects including construction, conservation, business and recycling; and the integration of different companies in the planning and implementation process. Furthermore SOL4 is one of the biggest passive-energy houses in Austria. The 2000 m² effective area demonstrates a prime example for ecological, sustainable construction in Lower Austria.

Category: Earth