Submitted by: LukaDavi Energieerzeugungs GmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Mini-Hydropower Plant Supplies 125 Households in Austria

The hydropower plant Alvierwerk I was put into service in 1910. The water is returned to the Alvierbach through a 55 m long canal. To exploit the altitude difference between Alvierwerk I and Alvierbach, another mini-hydro-plant Lukadvi was constructed. The mini-plant uses exclusively the water from Alvierwerk I; no additional water comes from the Alvierbach. Without additional utilization of resources, 630 MWh of eco-power are produced per year, and 125 Vorarlberg (Austria) households are supplied with electricity. In comparison to a thermal power plant, 520 tons CO2 per year can be saved.

Category: Fire