National Energy Globe Award Luxembourg (overall winner)

Submitted by: Municipality of Beckerich
Implemented country: Luxembourg
Title: On the Way to Energetic Independence in Beckerich

Since 1995 the energetic strategy in Beckerich (Luxemburg) is to promote the use of renewable energies and to reduce the CO2 production in 2010 by 50% compared to 1990. Several projects and initiatives were realized, including a wind park, a biogas installation, solar energy, a public lighting control system, and an energy education project. Today renewable energies make it possible to produce 88% of the required electricity for customers’ low voltage supply and 38% of the heat for households. Motivated by this success, responsible persons have set a new ambitious goal: to be 100% self-sufficient with renewable energy within the next 15-20 years. With the support of a working group, Beckerich also developed an energy hot line and free energy consulting for the households of nine neighboring municipalities. Beckerich is a best-practice example of intelligent and efficient sustainable development on the local level.

Category: Air