Submitted by: Sustainable Developments Ltd
Implemented country: United Kingdom
Title: Ecosphere Project Optimizes Multiple Aspects of Ecological Residence

Totally sustainable dwellings and communities of the future is a vision that will be put into reality by architects Paul Calder and Stan Green – at the moment with a pilot house EcoSphere, and later with a whole community. The EcoSphere house is shaped like a dome and follows the geodesic principle – it encloses the maximum volume with the least possible surface area, the house is designed to rotate, to have sun all day as needed. By avoiding corners, 30% of the surface and so heat loss through the walls is eliminated. The dome is the safest and strongest form, even withstanding hurricanes. This design requires less construction materials, the curved roof covered with photovoltaic panels catches the sun’s light optimally, and covering 2/3 of the south surface produces more electricity than the building will require. The surface will be covered with a weatherproof sheath (highly insulated panels) guaranteed to last 25 years. The house has rain water collection, storage and reuse as well as geo-thermal heat pump for heating and cooling, heat recovery, 12-volt lighting, grey water recycling, etc. The pilot house will be established at New Greenham Park (UK).

Category: Earth