Submitted by: Irish Woodworkers for Africa Ltd - Trading as Just Forests
Implemented country: Ireland
Title: Wood of Life Exhibition in Ireland

This is a learner-centred, interactive and participative exhibition (an upgrade of the 1990-2000 Wood of Life Exhibition, which traveled to over 80 towns). Fourteen large-format panels will depict in very colourful graphics how society depends on tropical forests for a multitude of goods and services. In addition, the exhibition will contain over 100 samples of tropical wood from around the world. This hands-on dimension of the exhibition is very popular as viewers get to identify and learn about the environment profile of some of the world’s commercial tropical timber species. The medicine chest also provokes much interest. This panel shows some of the plants extracted by indigenous tribes and used daily to fight ailments. All 21 education centres in Ireland have agreed to host the exhibition over the next three years, commencing in September 2006.

Category: Youth