Submitted by: 17 & 4 Organisationsberatung GmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Sustainable Energy for Eco-Tourism in Romania

The industrial city Lupeni (Romania) in the southeast Carpathian Mountains is working together with the province of Lower Austria to develop eco-tourism. 17&4 generated a concept for ecologically-oriented, minimal infrastructure of the refuge cabins in the national park Retezat. In July 2003 the first photovoltaic solar system was installed at Lake Bucura for the mountain rescue team of Lupeni (Fundatio Salvamont Lupeni). Rescue radio and lighting are now operated without a diesel generator, and mountain rescuers can convince hikers of the advantages of solar energy. In July 2005 another solar photovoltaic system was installed at the meteorological station at Omu Peak near Brasov. After the first practical success in this cooperation, further activities are planned, including exchange of experiences in wastewater treatment and other eco-tourism themes.

Category: Fire