Submitted by: Sarvangeen Vikas Samiti
Implemented country: India
Title: Promotion of Sustainable Agriculture through Biogas Plants, Composting and Resouce Optimization

The main goals of the Project are: To create a massive awareness and to sensitize the rural community for the adoption of unconventional energy sources like biogas. To develop production techniques of organic manure through the management and efficient use of animal dung and available solid organic wastes. To build up local capacity of the rural community by improving knowledge, skill and attitude to enable them to manage dung and other organic wastes in a sustainable and productive way. To encourage the implementation and operation of biogas plants for the production of gas as cooking fuel and to produce residue slurry as organic manure. To reduce CO2 emissions and to prevent deforestation by demonstrating and disseminating economic viability through low-cost technologies that can play a significant role in climate change.

Category: Fire