Submitted by: Toyota Motor Europe NV/SA
Implemented country: Belgium
Title: Green, Lean and Clean: Toyota Motor Europe

As an increasingly important element of Toyota Motor Corporation, Toyota Motor Europe (TME) has the responsibility to take initiatives and actions to support the Toyota Global Environment Charter; its Guiding Principles, and the 2010 Vision. In 2001 TME established its local vision and set challenging environmental performance targets in the areas of energy, volatile organic compounds, waste and water for Toyota’s European production facilities for the next 5 years. During its journey the European organization matured, transferring the learning from individual plant experience across Europe and beyond. Thanks to strong management commitment, the allocation of appropriate resources and expertise, and the dedication and enthusiasm of its members, Toyota was able to meet these dream goals. The result was a spectacular success: each target was easily exceeded and external recognition has situated Toyota Motor Europe as an environmental leader in the European manufacturing sector.

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