Submitted by: Innovative Energie für Pullach (IEP) GmbH
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Geothermal Project for District Heating in Pullach (Germany)

Via a borehole, 100° C hot water is delivered from 3445 m depth. To recover the heat, they use a heat exchanger in the control center. The cold water is re-injected down to a true vertical depth of 3370 m (MD 3930 m) for reheating. The heat exchangers in the control center dispense the withdrawn heat to the Pullach (Germany) heating network. About 2/3 of the community will be provided with heat on completion of the project. Within the first part of the project in 2005/06, 400 households, a school and the community indoor pool were provided with heat during the heating period. The expected geothermal power output is about 10 MW. After completion of the construction the power output will be 35 MW. This renewable energy enables CO2 emissions reduction of 7000 tons per year.

Category: Fire