Submitted by: Kaltenegger & Partner Architekten
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Plus Energy homes in Weiz

In April 2007 residents moved into the last 13 of 24 homes in the Plus Energy neighborhood in Weiz (Austria). The extraordinary aspect of a Plus Energy house is that its optimum insulation, passive solar power and photovoltaic system produce more energy than the house uses. Twenty two such homes were modeled after the Gemini House displayed at the provincial Energy Exhibit. Two houses model homes that resulted from the project “Tanno meets Gemini”. In these two Gemini homes, a collaboration between the Technical University of Graz and Joanneum Research (Institute for Energy Research) achieved a further development in terms of cost and energy optimization of prefabricated houses. The construction of this neighborhood proved for the first time in Europe that it is feasible to generate all required energy (heating, hot water, electricity) alone with solar energy, directly on or in the house.

Category: Earth