Submitted by: Lebende Erde im Vulkanland - Verein LEiV
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Thermal exploitation of hay from nature conservation areas

The goal of this project is to relieve the existing waste disposal bottleneck for hay from nature conservation areas in a way that is reproducible and economical across the province. Therefore standardized hay pellets are to be produced to allow their thermal exploitation in larger quantities as biogenic domestic fuel and for other economic purposes. The project is to build up a basic logistic system for the launch of subsequent projects. The energy of 2.2 kg of hay amounts to one liter of oil. Regional economic exploitation could be improved with the hay pellets and long transport distances could be avoided through regionalism. Likewise, in the conflict situation between conservation and agriculture in European nature conservation areas, these hay pellets could serve as a milestone on the path to more acceptance and feasibility for environmental protection.

Category: Fire