Submitted by: DI Franz Robier, Baugesellschaft mbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Electronic transfer of construction site reports

In 2005 the company Robier & Tiefbohr decided to find a way to electronically compile the daily reports by employees at remote construction sites. The goal was to use direct electronic transfer of the reports to replace physical routes, postage or fax transfer. For this purpose the company engaged an external software partner. IPAQs were purchased and data were transferred via a GPRS connection. As soon as the data arrive at the company headquarters, they can be processed by the site coordinator or the payroll office. The sustainability of the project is assured by annual savings of ca. 20,000 pages of paper and a total of 70,000 pages saved in the first phase of the project. This means that the financial cost of the project will be amortized in four years.

Category: Earth