National Energy Globe Award Thailand (overall winner)

Submitted by: Dr. Penja Jitjumroonchokchai - King Mongkut Institute of Technology North Bangkok (Technique Thai-Ge
Implemented country: Thailand
Title: Charcoal briquettes made from paper mill waste

An idea of waste to energy is a sustainable environmental friendly concept and brought to the invention of recovery paper mill waste sludge from making Charcoal Briquettes. The charcoal made of residual sludge from pulp and paper mill wastewater treatment plant is called CS-Fuel (Charcoal from Sludge). A CS-Fuel Briquette is containing of 80% paper suldge, 18% wood saw and 2% tapica starch. That is crushed charcoal meshed and molded using binder. CS-Fuel is suitable for household and can be used as renewable energy in factories.

Category: Fire