National Energy Globe Award Qatar (overall winner)

Submitted by: Arabian Environmental Construction Co.
Implemented country: Qatar
Title: A Brand-New Waste Disposal Site in Mesiaeed

When the new Doha International Airport in Qatar was built, the old landfill that had been buried there since 1997 had to be removed because landfill gases presented a serious nuisance to employees and passengers alike and the seepage water was increasingly posing a threat to coastal maritime life. The new Doha landfill was built according to state-of the-art technology and is now protecting the environment from any deposited toxic waste.
A grand total of 6.5 million cubic meters of waste were unearthed and properly disposed of in the new landfill. Constructing the landfill was not entirely uncomplicated because proximity to the water table required insertion of a special bottom trough in order to prevent water from seeping into the landfill.
The new landfill is a robust, cost-efficient and great all-in-one solution that meets any national or international ecological standard.

Category: Earth