National Energy Globe Award Azerbaijan (overall winner)

Submitted by: "Umid-98" Humanitarian and Social Support Centre
Implemented country: Azerbaijan
Title: Improvement of Potable Water Provision along Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan/ South Caucasus pipeline in Azerbaijan

The project aims to deliver water purification facilities to BP supported Communities using locally available technologies. The project will establish the management of water purification facilities as a viable business that provides both access to potable water and commercial benefits to the communities. The main project objectives are: raising community awareness on safe and effective handling of water; developing capacities of communities through activities and hands-on training; developing commercial viability and capacity; selecting, financing and implementing community projects to access safe water. The first stage of the project was implemented in Sept. 2005. The project is currently in its second stage, which concludes Dec. 2007.

Category: Water