Submitted by: Fundacion EcoAndina
Implemented country: Argentina
Title: Improvement of living and environmental conditions in the Argentine highlands

The target group for this project is the indigenous population of the Puna Highlands. This region is one of the most underdeveloped in NW Argentina. With its extremely dry and cold climate conditions, the area enjoys high solar irradiation and so utilization of solar energy; this helps the environment, which is threatened with desertification, and improves the living conditions of the inhabitants. The goal is to deseminate solar technology for cooking, heating, hot water and irrigation and thus to improve the living conditions especially for women and children: better learning and development conditions for school children von results through solar heating of kindergartens and schools; more effective sanitary conditions through solar hot water and the construction of public bath houses; better working conditions, time savings and resource protection by saving wood fuel; and enhanced nutrition through drip irrigation and solar pumps.

Category: Fire