Submitted by: GEORG FISCHER GmbH + Co KG
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Modern lighting technology for quality and savings

This project replaces energy-intensive lighting (HQL) with state-of-the-art lighting with the help of a contracting model. To date this measure has been completed in two halls, and additional areas are to follow. The central workshop serves as an example: Even with new lighting elements and freshly cleaned reflectors, the old lighting just barely reached the required light intensity. Eurolux removed the old system and installed the newest technology. This technology not only achieves the minimum values in the long range, but despite only half the energy consumption, the recommended values of the workshop ordinances are exceeded and more than 8000 hours of use are guaranteed. Sensor-activated controls that react to the intensity of daylight significantly contribute to energy savings. To enable continued use of the investment budget for product improvements and extensions, the system was realized via a contracting arrangement.

Category: Fire