Submitted by: Institute of Habitat Education
Implemented country: India
Title: Project Green Sign harnesses youth power for environmental conservation

The project Green Sign was conducted by the Institute of Habitat Education among pupils and students, young farmers, and young people from villages living in the area of industrial projects. The primary goals of the project are environmental education for young people, consciousness-building for the eco-system, and mobilization of young people for conservation through participation in projects at schools and in the community. To achieve these goals, Green Sign volunteers were trained; they lead projects in 50 centers in India. To date there have been 28,000 volunteer pupils working under the guidance of 1200 teachers. The following eco-projects have been conducted: creation of green space to assure its continuation, biotechnical maintenance of ecosystems, technology transfer for waste management, founding of eco-villages and eco-associations. The main partners for implementing the projects encompass the Mannanam Eco-Village Group, the Education Association of the Atomic Energy Department, and the social forestry branch of Kerala. The framework was created by the youth group GNN, an NGO subsidiary of the UN.

Category: Youth