Submitted by: Fa. AL-KO Kober GmbH Werk Obdach
Implemented country: Austria
Title: AL-KO electric vehicles

Whether for leisure time as a funmobile, for daily short-distance commuting, or for commercial, industrial and company-internal use, AL-KO electric vehicles always move you quietly, exhaust-free and economically. This makes an important contribution to the reduction of fine dust and other pollutants. The vehicles are designed for 50 km/h, but are throttled to 20 km/h. Thus in Austria these vehicles count as bicycles and can be driven without registration or driver’s license. Refueling is done at any 330 V outlet. Consumption is € 0.50 to € 0.80 per 100 km. Installation of another energy store extends the range to 150 - 200 km.

Category: Fire