Submitted by: SunTechnics GmbH
Implemented country: India
Title: SunTechnics: Solar electrification for mountain villages in India

SunTechnics, an internationally operating planning and distribution company for renewable energy systems, provided 50 remote mountain villages in the Satpura region of Maharashtra in India with solar home and street systems and thereby significantly improved the living standards of the inhabitants. Photovoltaic modules were installed on 1300 huts to produce power that the residents of the off-grid mountainous area use for lighting, cooking and refrigeration as well as radio and television. Further, 149 solar street lighting systems enhance traffic security and allow extended shopping hours in local markets. The project is part of the Remote Village Electrification Project of India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy and was implemented by SunTechnics under difficult logistical conditions in only 1.5 months.

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