Submitted by: Land Oberösterreich - Ressort Anschober
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Internet campaign to save our climate

The Internet project (save our climate) was initiated by Upper Austrian parliamentarian Rudi Anschober and invokes the population to make contributions to climate protection and to announce three very personal climate protection measures on the above website. The province of Upper Austria issued a brochure that lists the achievements of the Office of the Environment over the past years and suggests measures for climate protection. The core topics of the project are:

  • Household: 10 kg annual CO2 savings by replacing a single light bulb with an energy-saving lamp
  • Shopping: production of organic foods causes 30% less CO2 emissions than conventional foods
  • Mobility: you can save 54 kg CO2 emissions by regularly walking or bicycling (instead of driving) short distances

Category: Air