World Energy Globe Award (Fire)
National Energy Globe Award Spain (overall winner)

Submitted by: Solar Millennium AG
Implemented country: Spain
Title: Andasol solar power plant projects

Solar Millennium plans and builds solar-thermal power plants. The company initiated the Spanish parabolic trough power plants Andasol 1-3 and successfully completed the project developments. This marks the opening of the European market for solar power generation on the scale of large power plants with the potential of displacing fossil and nuclear power plants. furthermore, the Andasol power plants in many ways serve as role model projects. For more than 15 years no new parabolic trough power plants had been built. The installation of thermal storage enables the power plants to produce electricity in a planable way, including nights, which opens new perspectives for solar power generation. The Andasol projects also serve as the world’s largest installation for utilizing solar energy. Each of the power plants supplies up to 200,000 people with solar energy.

Category: Fire