Submitted by: Thomas Karle (Agro Energie Hohenlohe GmbH)
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Drying of fermentation residues by utilization of waste heat from biogas turbine

The use of biogas for CO2-neutral generation of electric energy is nothing new. However, projects with an output over 400 kW have presented logistic problems. With increasing dissemination of biogas plants, the required area also rises for cultivating energy plants as well as for deployment of the resulting fermentation residues. Regionally this creates problems, especially with respect to fermentation residues, so that significant transport distances can occur. As an alternative, the fluid fermentation residues can be dried and treated and then used as organic fertilizer or in as pellets for biomass fuel. After years of preliminary studies in cooperation with various companies and the University of Hohenheim, in a copper cell at the biogas plant in Karle (Germany), the Thermo-System drying process was applied. This process utilizes nearly 100% of waste heat of the motors and the first combination of gas turbines for fermentation residue drying. This drying process reduces the transport quantity by 80%.

Category: Fire