Submitted by: Klasse 4c (06/07) des Privatgymnasiums der Herz-Jesu-Missionare Salzburg
Implemented country: Austria
Title: CD-ROM "Reflection on Energy Production" by Austrian students

With the support of education advancement funds and in cooperation with the Platform against Nuclear Dangers (PLAGE) and the Elfi Gmachl Foundation for a Nuclear-Free Future, 8th-grade students of a private Catholic high school in Salzburg created a CD-ROM on the topic of renewable energy and energy saving (in German). The goal was to teach conscientious handling of energy. The students became aware that renewable energy sources and energy-saving measures were sensible alternatives to the utilization of non-regenerative energy sources. Significant factors included excursions to plants generating renewable energy (coordinated by PLAGE) and a school-internal contest concerning ideas for saving energy.

Category: Youth