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Submitted by: CONA Entwicklungs- u. Handelsgesellschaft
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Storing solar energy from summer into the winter

Solar energy in the summer is used to dry fresh wood chips (and other biomass) to harvest comfortable heat from this first-class product in the winter with optimum efficiency. To produce the drying air, Cona developed dedicated solar air collectors with special air absorbers. This rapidly heats the air and achieves usable temperatures even with low solar irradiation. For energy-saving drying of the biomass, Cona developed a special inclined grates for pressure optimization. Drying makes the biomass storable and avoids mold and heating in piles; there is no decay and thus no loss of energy. Drying delivers greater caloric value, better emission values, increased furnace lifetime, less transport costs and greater profits.

Category: Fire