Submitted by: Klimabündnis Österreich
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Companies in the Climate Alliance

This project is offered in all of Austria and can be utilized by almost any company. An energy and climate check analyses the most important areas of the company (heating, production energy, transport, acquisition, development cooperation), determines goals to achieve savings, and points to optimization possibilities. Together with the company management, measures are defined for implementation in the next five years in the company. With their declaration of intent, the company is admitted as a Climate Alliance company (evaluations occur after two and five years) and is authorized to display the corresponding logo. Across Austria, some 350 companies have been enlisted as partners in the Climate Alliance. On the one hand, energy-efficient work and operations are intended to reduce CO2 emissions; on the other hand, energy costs for the companies are to be reduced. Furthermore, the energy supply is to be generated with the portion of renewable energy as high as possible.

Category: Special