Submitted by: Gemeinde Zwischenwasser, e5 - energieteam zwischenwasser
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Citizens purchase solar power

The municipality of Zwischenwasser (Austria) sees citizen participation as a central issue in sustainable energy development. The declared goals of the town are CO2 reduction, climate protection and energy efficiency. To implement these goals, the town established a team that conducts activities in the realm of the e5 Program. One of many examples is citizen participation in municipal solar power plants. The town provides roofs of public buildings and handles the organization and management of the power plants. Citizens serve as investors and share in the profits from the tariffs for feeding into the grid. Through such power plants, public power plants and plants on private homes, some 242,000 kWh of power are produced annually, which supplies 61 households. In this way, the photovoltaic plants save 160 tons of CO2 annually

Category: Earth