Submitted by: ATP Innsbruck Planungs GmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Energy pillars and energy efficiency in Villach Shopping Center

The Atrio Shopping Center (main contractor ATP Architects and Engineers of Innsbruck) is spectacular not only from an architectural perspective. The shopping center south of Villach (Austria) belongs to the Austrian Spar Group and is built on ca. 800 site-mixed concrete pillars that extend up to 70 meters into the ground. 652 of these pillars serve as energy pillars. The efficient and environmentally friendly use of geothermal energy is year-round: in the winter it is used for heating via a heat pump, and in the summer for cooling without conventional air conditioning. The project has numerous benefits for the environment; the total energy demand and operating costs were greatly reduced and CO2 emissions dropped by ca. 500 tons/year.

Category: Fire