Submitted by: Ing. Schmidt Reinhold
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Treatment of residual waste with a rapid rotting process using the patented Biopuster method

After mechanical pretreatment of residual waste with a hammer shredder to < 30 mm, the organic portion of the residual waste can decompose in the circular rout and then be separated by sifting or sieving. Then all secondary raw materials can be recycled. A small portion of residual waste (ca. 5%) is incinerated. Metals and nonmetals are separated magnetically. After decomposition the secondary raw materials are dry and fully cured. Neither odor nor methane is produced. The high-calorie portions (alternative fuel levels 1 and 2) and the remaining biological portion can be advanced to oiling (catalytic pressure-free oiling for diesel). Stones, glass ceramics and sand can be ground and recycled in the cement industry.

Category: Earth