Submitted by: Biosphärenpark Grosses Walsertal Management
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Biomass warehouse as milestone on the learning path about wood

Since UNESCO certified Holzweg as a biosphere park and the park joined the Vorarlberg (Austria) e5 network (provincial program for energy-efficient communities), efforts to utilize the largest available energy resource in the valley – the biomass growing in the forest – have been extended with the following goals. 1. Consciousness raising concerning the value of biomass, 2. Information and support for people switching to biomass heating, 3. Uniform energy subsidies for installing biomass heating, 4. Trend reversal for portion of wood heating, 5. Establishment of biomass logistics with a warehouse, 6. Improvement of forest care and creation of regional jobs. Within four years (2002 to 2006), wood chip demand has tripled and thus the foundation has been created for establishing and economically running a biomass warehouse via an association founded by communities and large forest property owners.

Category: Fire