Submitted by: ATB-Becker
Implemented country: Austria
Title: EU-project sets new benchmarks for photovoltaic

The project PV Enlargement set the goal of implementing and scientifically evaluating various new photovoltaic (PV) technologies and applications in demonstration projects across Europe. Over 30 PV systems in 10 EU countries generate 1.2 MWp for CO2 reduction of 720 tons/year. Co-coordinated by ATB-Becker, PV systems were installed in Austria, e.g., in buildings of the hydro-electric plant at Dorferbach and at the Natural History Museum in Vienna. The project concentrates on innovative architectural integration solutions with transparent and opaque cells in crystalline technology and thin-film technology. In addition, new mounting techniques and sun tracking systems were implemented in the project. All PV systems are monitored via a shared monitoring system whose data are available to participating universities and research facilities via a central database.

Category: Fire