Submitted by: Freie Hansestadt Bremen, Der Senator für Umwelt, Bau und Verkehr
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Project Perfume as a contribution to clean air

Environmental pollution by traffic is a huge problem worldwide. Commercial vehicles account for more than their “fair” share (trucks, buses, delivery vehicles): with less than 10% of traffic volume, these vehicles produce almost half of the NOx pollution. Bremen (Germany) has exceeded the EU air quality thresholds – both with respect to fine dust (PM10) and regarding the 2010 requirements for NO2. Therefore clean air planning and special promotion measures for low-exhaust vehicles (natural gas vehicles, EEV buses) concentrate especially on commercial vehicles. For example, in 2006 Bremen’s ÖPNV received Europe’s first series-production diesel EEV buses, so that the emissions of ÖPNV were drastically reduced. For the future, hybrid buses are being considered. Furthermore, the natural gas infrastructure was extended and in September 2007 an environmental loading zone was created at the edge of the pedestrian zone; here only those vehicles that meet the exhaust standard Euro V or EEV (Enhanced Environmental Vehicle) can be parked for loading and unloading.

Category: Air