National Energy Globe Award Netherlands (overall winner)

Submitted by: SABIC Innovative Plastics
Implemented country: Netherlands
Title: Project for recovery of high purity salt

GE Plastics has always strived to reduce environmental and safety risks of their industrial processes, especially in the production of chlorine and phosgene. Chlorine is an intermediate for the production of polycarbonate (PC), which in turn serves e.g. the manufacture of CDs, head lamps, mobile phones and safety glass. From the start of the chlorine plant, there has been the idea of creating a closed cycle for salt (NaCl), yet the technologies available were not capable to prepare the recycled salt to the required ultra-pure quality. The highly pure salt is required to prevent energy efficiency losses and undesired production stops. In the 1990s research and development programs were started to study various innovations that could achieve the required quality of salt. In 2001 these merged to a test facility that was successfully realized in 2003. The new technologies enabled a non-hazardous and reliable process for recovering purified salt. In 2005 GE Plastics began building the salt purification unit and received a subsidy from the European Commission in the realm of LIFE Environment 2006. The overall investment was more than €11 million.

Category: Water