National Energy Globe Award Guatemala (overall winner)

Submitted by: Susanne Heiße
Implemented country: Guatemala
Title: Pura Vida makes good use of waste

Pura Vida (pure life) was launched in 2004 as a pilot project of a private initiative by Susanne Heisse in Guatemala. Raised environmental consciousness combined with practical solutions aim to put the brakes on the enormous pollution of drinking water, air and soil to assure improved quality of life for the Mayan community. Indigenous families stuff loose household garbage into a plastic bottle, then compress and seal it for later use as free local construction material. This form of construction has the additional advantage of being earthquake-safe and highly insulating. The experience gained by Pura Vida since 2004 has been disseminated via educational campaigns, workshops and publications at the regional level. The recently published Pura Vida Recycle Manual in Guatemala has spread to the national level to promote the awakening ecological movement of Pura Vida.

Category: Earth