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Submitted by: Hinrichsmeyer + Bertsch, Freie Architekten
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Holistic renovation concept for industrial building merges sustainability with comfort

In the combination of the two company sites of M + W Zander at its site in an industrial park in Stuttgart (Germany), the particular challenge for the architects was to optimally use the small amount of free space around the existing production hall. The hall was extended vertically with two parking levels and office space. Innovative technologies for energy recovery and photovoltaic elements were integrated in the fa├žade. The ecological overall concept of the structure encompasses thermal solar collectors, photovoltaic modules that also serve as shading, a low-emission 115kW gas-powered district heating central plant with an absorption chiller, a rain water harvesting system for outside watering and for the toilets, and concrete core cooling in combination with displacement ventilation.

Category: Earth