Submitted by: Fa. Ing. Mag. E. Kapellner & ARGE Schulmilch
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Environmentally friendly school milk packages aid climate protection

In the last ten years, very many companies that deliver milk to schools have changed their production from the more environmentally friendly glass bottle to more economical and easier to handle polystyrol cups (PP). The project Compostable School Milk Containers seeks to replace millions of these conventional plastic cups with their aluminum covers with compostable cups, covers and straws based on polylactic acid (PLA). A PLA cup accounts for only 60% of the CO2 emissions of its PP equivalent. On production (no aluminum cover) and disposal, high cost and energy savings can be achieved because disposal is via organic waste. Thus hundreds of tons of plastic and aluminum can be replaced by an environmentally friendly alternative. Existing filling plants require little adaptation to the new packaging system. The project is presently being conducted in Upper Austria, but in 2007/08 it will be extended to other Austrian provinces.

Category: Earth